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So, Communism...good or bad? Then the same for Socialism, and Global Government.

Communism and Socialism aren’t inherently bad, as many seem to think.  In fact, I would say that “true” Communism would be ideal.  It would mean equality of everything.  From my understanding, the problem with Communism historically is that it’s applied more as pseudo-Communism; or some other form of government in the guide of Communism.

Socialism is a fairly broad topic.  But in essence I would say it is a good thing, though can fall prey to people craving power (same can be said about any government), becoming pseudo-socialism.  But because socialism can be applied to various settings, small or large, it is significantly easier to implement properly.  In which case we can see specific examples of where it has benefited societies.

In each case, what would make each of these types of government work, is an equally educated and equally treated society.  One could say a more scientific approach as well. (I’ve always mentally teased a government with the base following the Scientific Method.)    I have heard the argument “what about variance in culture?” and what not. But this is a false cry, simply to keep the status-quo.  True equality wouldn’t hinder variance, it would allow it to thrive.

Which leads me to a Global Government.  In some facets, we are already global.  Economy and communication.  A Global Government is inevitable.  My optimistic side believes it is very plausible that such a government will eventually be one of the greatest steps in human (or post-human) history.   True equality, an abundance of resources (mining asteroids, planets, a Dyson Sphere, etc), people basically doing whatever they want to do, elimination of money, etc.  But my realist side knows that we’ve got a LONG way to go to get there.  Thousands.. if not closer to a million years.  Though I would guess with the advent of immortality, sentient AI, utility fogs, and other predicted future technologies, our societies’ mindsets will change drastically in short periods of times.. albeit not without perhaps extreme struggle.  

How I noticed this similarity is that I see a “no stopping” sign on the road everyday and it always looked so familiar! Only yesterday did I realize it looks similar to our Xona Games logo! Of course, there are differences: The stop sign is a perfect octagon with eight sides and the Xona Games logo has twelve unequal sides as well as a 3D impression. Close enough.

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We are all astronauts. We are born on a spaceship, traveling through space and time.

Being corrected

I like science.  This is something relatively new for me; within the past 5 years or so, perhaps (more of a gradual thing, beginning at that point).  I have a rudimentary understanding of science at best, but it’s something I’m passionate about now.  I’m passionate about knowledge.  With that being said, I know that I don’t know everything, and the more knowledge I accumulate, the more I realize that I don’t know.  And I recognize that any claim I make could be wrong, or later better defined, etc.  So if I share an article or some other form of information, I go in with the expectation that I could be corrected.

There are all sorts of reasons I still might share misinformation unintentionally (for example, cognitive bias).  And not only do I expect it, but I am HAPPY to be corrected.  I thank the individual(s) for pointing it out and am grateful for it.  REGARDLESS of their tone (or perception of their tone) or intent.


A digital globe created by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). As a geography buff, I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these once they become commercially viable. 
Source: New York Times


A digital globe created by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). As a geography buff, I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these once they become commercially viable. 

Source: New York Times

We propose an effective realization of the universal set of elementary quantum gates in solid state quantum computer based on macroscopic (or mesoscopic) resonance systems - multi-atomic coherent ensembles, squids or quantum dots in quantum electrodynamic cavity. We exploit an encoding of logical qubits by the pairs of the macroscopic two- or three-level atoms that is working in a Hilbert subspace of all states inherent to these atomic systems. In this subspace, logical single qubit gates are realized by the controlled reversible transfer of single atomic excitation in the pair via the exchange of virtual photons and by the frequency shift of one of the atomic ensembles in a pair. In the case of two-level systems, the logical two - qubit gates are performed by the controlling of Lamb shift magnitude in one atomic ensemble, allowing/blocking the excitation transfer in a pair, respectively, that is controlled by the third atomic system of another pair. When using three-level systems, we describe the NOT-gate in the atomic pair controlled by the transfer of working atomic excitation to the additional third level caused by direct impact of the control pair excitation. Finally, we discuss advantages of the proposed physical system for accelerated computation of some useful quantum gates. 


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